How to book flight ticket

Frequently used sentences on booking a flight ticket.

1. I want a package deal including airfare and hotel.
2. I'd like to change this ticket to the first class.
3. I'd like to reserve a sleeper to Chicago.
4. I'd like to sit in the front of the plane.
5. I'd like two seats on today's Northwest Flight 8 to Toronto, please
6. I'd like to buy an excursion pass instead.
7. I'd like a refund on this ticket.
8. I'd like to have a seat by the window.
9. we have only one a day for New York.
10. The flight number is CA1024 on Sep 5th.
11. There's a ten thirty flight in the morning.
12. I'd like to reconfirm my flight from London to Tokyo.
13. My reservation number is 3425.
14. Do you have any tickets available for that date?
15. Would you please make my reservation to Chicago for tomorrow?
16. What is the fare to New York, Economy Class?
17. Where do I pick up the ticket?
18. Can I have a second - class one way ticket to Chicago, please?
19. Can I stop over on the way?
20. What time does the plane take off ?


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