Plural Endings (-S/-ES) - English Pronunciation

In English, we mostly form the plural of a noun by adding ‘s’. In some cases we add ‘es’:
  • 1 dog, 2 dogs
  • 1 class, 2 classes
At the end of a word, ’s’ has two possible pronunciations: /s/ or /z/.
1. After the following sounds we pronounce ‘s’ as /s/:
  • after a /p/ sound:
    2 shops /s/
  • after a /t/ sound:
    2 hats /s/
  • after a /k/ sound:
    2 books /s/
  • after a /θ/ sound:
    2 cloths /s/
  • after a /f/sound:
    2 giraffes /s/.
2. In all other cases we pronounce ‘s’ as /z/:
  • 3 trees /z/
  • 2 dogs /z/
  • flowers /z/.
  • managers /z/.
When the plural form has the ‘es’ ending, the pronunciation is always /iz/:
  • 2 foxes /iz/
  • 2 boxes /iz/.

Watch the following video for more details. 


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