About the date

Writing date
About date, there are there different writing ways. Except British English and American English, another one is written entirely in figures. The examples are as follows.
2 July 2006 (BrE)-----2.7.06
July 2, 2006(AmE)-----7.2.06

Speaking date
20 April 1981=" April the twentieth, nineteen eighty-one"( AmE also" April twentieth…")or "the twentieth of April, nineteen eighty-one"
1300=" thirteen hundred"
1508="fifteen  hundred and eight" or "fifteen O eight"
1678="sixteen(hundred and) seventy-eight"
1810="eighteen (hundred and) ten"
2000="two thousand"
2008="two thousand and eight"

BC and AD
BC= Before Christ, AD=Anno Domini-Latin for "in the year of the Lord". BC follows the date; AD can come before or after it.
   55BC, or AD 55/ 55AD


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