to do or to doing?

This may be a very easy question to many of you and may not deserve to be here. But it has been bothering me for a long time..
Should I add ing behind the verb after proceed to just like how it should be after look forward to?
Now proceed to writing on the paper.
Or should I just express it this way?
Now proceed to write on the paper.

In the first case, to is a preposition. Accordingly, the phrase proceed to means to make progress by moving to the next stage in a series of actions or events, or to move in a particular direction.
Therefore, in my opinion, a more suitable sentence would be:
Now, proceed with writing on the paper.
In the second case, to is the part of the infinitive to write, and describes the action you have in mind (take a look at proceed to do something), though, it is used sometimes to express surprise or annoyance.

"To" as a preposition indicates "writing" the next stage in a series. Its use would be appropriate given that context. Using "with" gives "proceed" an additional connotation, that of beginning or resuming an action. (e.g. "Since you cleaned the toilet you may proceed with playing your video games.") "To" emphasizes the series while "with" stresses the beginning/resumption. Without knowing the surrounding context it is difficult to judge which word is more suitable in the OP's example.


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